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Sell your junk car in Dallas, Texas


Sell your old car today for the most reasonable price

We guarantee your car will handle with loving and caring hands.

Who we are

Who we are

Are you ready to sell your junk car in Dallas? Look no further - we've got you covered.

We're a top buyer in the Lone Star State, and the US as a whole, and pay top market rates for

vehicles in any condition. Give us a call or fill out our form to get a quote on your car.

About Advantage Auto Recyclers

Dallas came into existence as a gateway to cotton, later oil, and cattle as it provided major road lines to areas rich in these resources. However, later on, due to the development of the Interstate Highway System, the city gained popularity and individual recognition.

As mentioned above, it is one of the most populated cities, which means there are many cars and other transport vehicles and a lot of traffic. To avoid traffic and get to their destination on time, people drive through Dallas Area Rapid Transit, one of the most popular mass public transits in Dallas.

Buying a car is just the first step, and the expenses do not end there. You need to pay for its fuel and maintenance. So if you bought a car, but cannot afford to travel in it, we've got good news for you! Just stop by our shop and sell your old car for a great price.

Sell your old car for cash in Dallas, Texas

Advantage Auto Recyclers is a well-known car replacement company based in Dallas. We at Advantage Auto Recyclers take in all sorts of vehicles and all sorts of forms without any judgment. So contact us now! Whether you want to sell your old car to buy a new model or get rid of your old car completely, we will be at your service.

Sell your junk car in Dallas, Texas


We know how much your car means to you

We know that cars are more than just metal objects. They have our memories attached to them, our accomplishments, and our firsts. Buying a car itself is a moment of joy in one’s life! We believe that they are so much more than that. We’ve all made several memories in our cars- be it our driving lessons, our first dates, the family trips we never forget- they’re endless. While others may only see it as a piece of metal, we realize that it is much more and will treat it like you would. So trust us to take care of your car and help sell your junk car for cash.

We understand the emotional burden that comes with parting ways with a cherished object. Especially if you have so many memories associated with it, it is not easy, and we understand that. This is why we know exactly what your car means to you and what it is worth! At Advantage Auto Recyclers, we understand it all and assure you that it is the respect for your memories when we offer you the highest payouts for your cars in Dallas. We promise to provide you with the most worthwhile deal for your car, something you will never regret.

Get your car’s worth

Come scrap your car in Dallas, Texas!

Do you feel like your car is taking too much space? That it is now becoming uneconomical keeping it in the house? Do you secretly wish you had a place to just dump your car responsibly? Look no further; we are what you need. We at Advantage Auto Recyclers are highly skilled at managing old cars and scrap metal. So if you trust us with your car, your car will be in good hands.


Imagine all the new models and the new designs you can invest in if you sell your old car and utilize the cash you receive! Don’t let your old car stop you; go and do what your heart desires, and I’m sure you’ll find yourself a very content individual. Imagine all the fun rides you and your family will enjoy in the new car, all the adventures you may have. Don’t let an old rusty car come in the way of that! We’ll take care of it for you.


We know it was a tough decision for you to get rid of your car, but now that you have decided, how can you scrap your car in Dallas?


Pick up the phone NOW, call up Advantage Auto Recyclers and let them know what you want to get done. That’s it! Now it is our turn to do our job. Our team will come to your place to pick up your car straight from your doorsteps for cold-hard-cash. Don’t worry about towing away charges either- we’ve got you covered! You can trust us with the quotation we provide as well. It is not going to be a penny less! We believe in genuinity and honesty, so don’t stress, let us take care of it.

Sell your old car in Dallas, Texas


Sell your old car in Dallas

Have you got a car which you consider junk? Now’s your chance to unburden yourself from it! Fulfilling no purpose except taking up your space? Advantage Auto Recyclers is bringing to you its bestselling services with free-of-charge damaged car expulsion and tow-truck assistance. We assure it, it is the best deal. We give you our word; you’ll get the foremost price deals for your vehicle and excellent customer service on which you can rely steadily. We value you as much as you do your car.

Don’t believe that? We did a substantial market analysis to deduce that our work and our services are unrivaled! You don’t need to look anywhere else as you won’t find any other company which might aid your needs as well as we will- both monetary and expertise-wise. There is no better service to sell your junk car to than us! Trade your useless vehicle for an awesome charge today, more economical and reliable than any other service.

Sell your junk car

Renowned car removal service in Dallas, Texas

Selling your useless vehicle with the best possible deal might not always be an option. This is when Advantage Auto Recyclers steps up. This is why you can trust us to sell your junk car for cash today! We assure you, we’ll provide you with the finest offers coupled with superb customer service- we believe in providing the best of the best!


You might own an ancient car that only causes you complications with its maintenance and repairs- which frankly cost more than the car itself. It becomes unprofitable keeping such an object around. Are you on the verge of ridding yourself of it and haven’t found any reliable place?


Well, you can put a hold on your search. Advantage Auto Recyclers is here for you, so you can exchange your discarded old car for money. Yep, you read that correctly; when our tow-truck service is satisfied with the administrative work, you will receive the money on the scene. You won’t have to worry about any misconduct, nor about hold-ups or further nagging. Our promise to you will be fulfilled, and you will attain the value of your car.


We have worked meticulously in Dallas and the neighboring suburbs to build our reputation and ensure that our clients receive the best possible services. We understand the sentimental value a car may hold in one’s life, and we want to give you the best offer in town! This is why we are the best junk car service in Dallas. You might also check on our work in New York and Los Angeles; we assure you, you will hear all the good things. We will not judge the condition of your car or why you want to sell your junk car. But we will make sure to give you the best deal.

Junk car services in Dallas, Texas


Our services

We understand each client has specific and unique needs, and their car will be treated accordingly. We at Advantage Auto Recyclers make sure that our work is exemplary and matchless among other car removal services. Our company has services that scale from automobile transfers and salvage yards and everything in this radius.

To survive in the business, one has to be the best at what they do- and that is exactly what we pride ourselves on. We assure you that you will be completely satisfied with our work and will only find high prices and varied work elsewhere. I’m sure you would hear the same from any customer of ours; we’ll let our work speak for itself.

Our services

Junk car expulsion

Managing used and broken cars for customers who do not need them is our specialty. We have time and experience on our side and guarantee to assist you with the greatest possible car expulsion service in Dallas. All you have to do is reach out to us, and we’ll be there at your doorstep to look after your work for you.


Advantage Auto Recyclers is here to provide you with the top industry services with scrap car and towing services which are completely free. This is a pretty solid deal, honestly. Our company not only promises great prices but also one of the best customer services. This is because we believe that you are just as important as your car.


Furthermore, we love making friends and meeting new people, so it is a treat to us as much as it will be to you when we provide you with the best results.


We can hear your thoughts- we know you’re eager and impatient to contract our services but aren’t sure how you can approach us. Don’t worry, we aren’t psychic, just incredibly confident in our work- and we’ve dealt with a lot of customers with similar concerns. So let’s get to it! The whole procedure is straightforward. We just need to get a few formalities out the way in advance of you selling your car.

Observe the instructions below.

Junk car removal

1. Specify the make and model of your vehicle

We need to make sure that we evaluate the correct estimated value of your car. For that, you need to assist us and give us the basic details such as the make, the model and the year of your car. This way, we can judge your car honestly and give you the most appropriate value for your car. Moreover, the company will be able to present a price which will satisfy you. This will save you many trips to our office. Therefore we want to make sure the whole process smooth-sails.

Junk car removal in Dallas, Texas
Junk car removal in Dallas, Texas

Now, let’s make the process trouble-free for both of us! As stated before, we will see that you get the most out of this deal- the state of your vehicle and its kind does not hold any significance. This is why we want you to gather information regarding your vehicle to receive the quote you are worthy of. Again, you don’t have to worry about appearances; we understand and aim to keep a judgment-free and cohesive environment.

2. Ready your registration and title details

We believe this is the most important part of this procedure. You have to prove that you are the holder of your vehicle’s title and ensure it. As this is the law that the state has enforced, we hope you understand it is illegal for us to take in your car without proper registration and title. We understand cases in which such documents might be lost. However, the state law gives us a legal obligation to reject any deals if they cannot provide proper documents proving their ownership. Our business might be dealing with old cars, but we need each step to be foolproof; therefore, we require accurate paperwork.

Old car removal in Dallas, Texas
Junk car removal in Dallas, Texas

3. Know your cars value today

Yes! Despite your beliefs that it’d be useless, it will give you back much more than you’d think. When you give us the requisite details, we’ll offer you an unimaginable value for your car. We’ll take up a few seconds of your precious time, enter your information into our system, calculate its value, give you a few extra dollars- we love to spoil you-, and your quotation will be ready.

If you are not satisfied with the quote we offer you, we will respect your wishes and give you the invitation to browse other scrap car dealers in the market so you can make your decision. But you should know, we are extremely positive that we will give you what you need and assist you in selling your car for the best price. You won’t have to worry about any wait-ups or follow-up times, we understand you might want to discard your car as soon as possible, and we will assist you diligently. All you have to do now is wait for our workers to visit and transport your car away. We are waiting for you patiently.

Junk car removal in Dallas, Texas
Old car removal in Dallas, Texas

4. The exciting day of the pickup

On the day that you have to part ways with your car, we suggest that you take her around for the last drive and reminisce about the old days and the memories that you made. Say your Farwell and wait for us. We understand it may be a difficult and emotional hour for you, and we understand that and stand in solidarity.


If you consider our deal, as we are that you did, you will be provided with the details regarding the transportation and the contact information. The Dallas Junkyard Dealers will be more than compliant and will help you schedule a day for the pick-up. They will need you to provide them with the overview regarding the contact information, location of pick-up, and the time they would arrive at your place in the next three working days.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and a track record of leaving our customers satisfied with our service. Our professionalism throughout our encounter, from the phone call to the pickup, is unparalleled and something that our customers love about us. So what are you waiting for? Call us now to sell your junk car for cash today! You should now take a seat and enjoy while we take the car off your hands- free of cost!

Old car removal in Dallas, Texas
Get a quote for your junk car in Dallas, Texas

5. Payments

The moment you hand over your car, our company will provide you with the cash amenable to the pre-decided quote. This will happen alongside as our team finishes with the paperwork. There will be NO hidden extra charges- we believe in being upfront and honest with you. Get funds for a car that you didnt even require anyway, and maybe save the money to go on that one vacation youve always wanted to go to; we wish you all the best.

Auto wrecker services

Advantage Auto Recyclers provides top-notch vehicle wrecker services to their Dallas clients. So, if you believe your automobile isn’t providing you the same excitement and pleasure it once did, and you’re not sure how to deal with it, give us a call! We’ll remove your car from your driveway and compensate right away! What more could one want? We follow all ARA guidelines in recycling vehicles, your vehicle will be responsibly handled.


So, how does a typical vehicle scraping service vary from an auto-wrecking business? The major objective of a car scrapping business is to get rid of scrap metal by removing your car from your hands and destroying its pieces.


However, an auto wrecker will dismantle your vehicle and determine which pieces may be salvaged and utilized. You won’t even have to fret about getting rid of the reusable components; the car wreckers will take care of selling them and ensuring that they go to someone who is in actual need of them. You will not only be able to make money, but you will also be able to assist someone else.


In addition, in today’s period of accelerating global warming, such a deal is excellent for those who wish to “sell my discarded car for cash today near me” while also saving the environment. Our goal is to ensure that any automobile parts that may be recycled and rescued are done so that as little wastage as possible is produced. We understand the growing concerns of the world because of the rising environmental issues, and we pride ourselves on playing a part to aid these worries. We hope to help- as little as our part may be.

Auto wrecker services

Auto scrap yards vs. Auto salvage yards

At Advantage Auto Recyclers, you’ll be presented with futuristic yard services. If you were looking to get your car picked apart and its parts sold- we’re at your beck and call. You might think that your car has no worth, but we think otherwise. We believe in giving all good things a second chance and utilizing them to their best bet.


A reusing and reutilizing auto part is a vital fragment in our company, and we are dedicated to making sure that each part is recycled so that it is taken care of properly. Our company’s auto salvage yards work around the clock to make sure that everyone is safe. We see to it that no. Our auto salvage yards are working 24/7 to ensure safety for all. We make sure that no unusable car is in use and everyone on the road is protected. Now you might be thinking about how a scrap yard is different from a salvage yard.


Well, a scrap yard breaks down a car and recycles the entire thing, whereas a salvage yard will take out any reusable part and sell it. The profit that you might gain from a salvage yard is way more than what you’d get at its alternative. This is because you earn a profit from your car and the salvageable parts we sell.


There is a fundamental distinction between them, and it directly affects you as a customer. The people under our employees are experts at what they do, and they will give you all the money for it! Your car will be in specialist hands.

Auto salvage yards

Automobiles junkyard

Our company recognizes that certain vehicles are beyond repair. What happens in such instances? Are such automobiles still acceptable? Is it still possible to profit from it? Yes, to both those questions, both things are still possible.


We are, as previously said, the top scrap automobile dealer in Dallas. This is not a claim we take lightly. We’ve built up advanced auto junkyards all around Dallas to assist you with vehicles that can’t be saved. You are sitting on a pile of gold if you own an old, rusted car. Call us immediately for a quotation and to get your car hauled up right from your front door. Are you utilizing a piece of junk AND get money for it? Is it too good to be true?


The biggest advantage we give you is a tow-truck service free of cost. This depends if your car is salvageable or not because if not, a tow truck might not be able to transport it. But, you can still recycle the salvageable components and save the environment. Don’t hesitate; reach out to Advantage Auto Recyclers right now and rid yourself of your old car.

Automobiles junkyard
Junk car prices in Dallas, TX


Junk car costs in Dallas

We’ve gained considerable old man knowledge on the industry as we’ve grown older with it, making us suitably seasoned to discover the finest potential render for your discarded automobile. Determining the value of an automobile isn’t straightforward as it may appear, and the company sees a variety of factors before providing you with a quotation you won’t resist. We check for the car’s type and model, as well as its condition and, most crucially, evidence of possession. We don’t like sugar-coating or lying to our clients about their car’s value since it’s ineffective. Our customers are valuable beings, and we pledge to dispense them with the finest price in town.

Junk car prices

So, what things might we consider before buying your old car?

Sell your junk car in Dallas, Texas

1. The specifics of your car

All cars have their value, and car enthusiasts or collectors look for some makes and models, and so we need to evaluate the model and make of your vehicle as your car might turn out to be quite valuable, and its spare parts might sell for a high amount. This is why you must make sure you know all the details of your car to not miss out on a huge sum of money.

2. State of your car

Before receiving a proffer for your destroyed automobile, you must first determine the degree of the damage. Are the blemishes on the outside or the inside? Is the vehicle drivable or not? Is there anything that can be reused from the vehicle? This will assist us in determining if your automobile is worth significantly more than you previously believed and evaluating it. As a result, you will be in a profitable position. Imagine missing out on the opportunity to cash in a vintage automobile spoiler because you were unaware that it was rescuable and in high demand. We wouldn’t mind going above and beyond in analyzing your vehicle to make sure you aren’t left out on anything.

3. Proof of ownership

This is an extremely important step since we do not want you to be selling someone else’s car. It protects both you and the company from any legal battle in the future. However, holding the title is a way to show ownership; it is not the only way. Even though the title as proof of ownership is the easiest to acquire, we acknowledge unforeseen circumstances. We would be happy to accept any legal document stating you are the owner as an alternative!

Sell your junk car in Dallas, Texas


Why trust the Advantage Auto Recyclers?

Even though various companies are similar to us, some characteristics distinguish us. For example, our outstanding professionalism is unmatched by other junk removal businesses, which is why we are the best in Dallas! We stand out because of our trustworthy and reliable work culture from the second you call us for an estimate until our team takes up your car; we assure you of highly qualified personnel.

Our clients are extremely important to us, which is why we are dedicated to giving them the greatest value and the finest customer service possible. Our price will be unbeatable, and you will be aiding yourself by picking us! Consider what you could do with that money! This distinguishes us from other junkyard services, and the fact that we pay top prices for various automobiles in any condition also helps.

Why choose us?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have any confusion regarding making your decision, you can consider the list of questions we have collected and answered. If you still aren’t satisfied, please call our company’s representative, and we will be more than willing to help you.

More about us?

The Advantage Auto Recyclers is a nationwide useless cars replacement service extending its best quality services to Dallas, Texas. Our company has widespread partnerships curate with other well-known names in the business, and we have placed ourselves in a tactical position. We aim to provide our clients with the best junk removal service. We work vigorously and have formed a capable and strong team which will give you an excellent experience.

How to attain a quote?

You just have to pick up the phone and inform us. We have empathetic customer service, and we will understand your situation- whatever it may be. Receiving an offer for your damaged car is just as simple as that. The customer care representative will ask about intrinsic details, like the car’s type and model, the owner’s address, the vehicle’s condition, and proof of ownership.


Our agent only needs a little time to generate the information in their database, and then you’ll receive an ideal offer for your car- there won’t be any follow-ups. We are at your assistance whenever you want to sell your car for cash.

What happens if I don’t appreciate the offer?

We are very serious when it comes to offering our services. We are also proud of how happy we make our customers with each deal. We treat the customer like royalty- whatever you don’t get, whatever you don’t like, we don’t mind! We will always keep an open ear and help you with whatever.


To test out our capabilities, you can always explore new companies to compare. If you find a better offer, we would be very sorry; however, we are more than willing to help you sell your car if you cannot find a better offer.

Is it necessary that I own a title?

We would want you to have your title when you sell your car to us. Although this might prove to be a challenge, especially for old models, where one might lose the title mistakenly, we deviate from our rules in such special circumstances.


However, we would be most grateful if the customers bring a court order which proves that they indeed are the owners, as it’ll make the process easier for both of us. We at Advantage Auto Recyclers want to make it for you to sell your junk car for cash today.

Is it possible for me to sell a car with a title under someone else’s name or state?

We have customers who want to sell their trash automobile but have a title registration in another state, which is typically not an issue.


The fact that the title is from another state has no bearing on the transaction. However, before selling your junk automobile, be sure that you own it and that the title does not contain anybody else’s name on it.


You won’t be able to lawfully sell that automobile in some situations; yet, in others, such as the instance of a titleholder who has passed, you might be allowed to. However, even in this case, you must have documentation that you were the intended recipient and that you have the legal right to sell your discarded car for cash.

Are offers fixed?

Due to the nature of the market for junk cars, our offers are volatile and subject to changing circumstances before the offer has been accepted. However, once the offer has been accepted, no matter how long and tedious the process of selling your junk car for cash today is, our offer will remain the same, even if it means us taking on a loss. You will get the cash you were promised.

How long does the process usually take?

When the deal is processed, it takes one to three working days for the offer to be accepted. This is incumbent on the daily schedule of the tow truck service. You will be inquired about the time and place of arrival; you don’t have to stress.

Is it possible to reschedule the pickup?

Our company prides itself on its excellent customer service, we are at your service, and whatever is convenient for you, we’ll adjust accordingly. If the time isn’t suitable for you, just let us know, and we’ll adjust accordingly and offer you the next possible appointment. We know you want to sell off your old car for cash, and we’re here to make that appropriate for you.

Payment details

This is the important stuff now; we realize you’re looking to sell your junk car today and are looking to get cash as soon as possible. You know we’ll add you as soon as possible. Advantage Auto Recyclers concludes deals and dishes out immediate cash. The payment will be congruent to your wishes; it can either be in cash or cheque.


However, we believe it is unsafe for our towing company to hold that much cash in cases of large sums of money. In these instances, you will be paid in cheque. We are fully responsible for the validity of the cheque you receive, and if it is made invalid in any case due to any unpredicted events, you’ll receive the entire amount in cash.

How much will the tow fee be?

Zero. That is the most valuable aspect of our work. You will find no hidden fees or charges. If you’re seeking to put your junk vehicle up for sale, we’ll be right there. Towing is completely free of charge.


All you have to do now is schedule a time for the tow truck company to come to your house and take up your automobile. Towing fees might run into the hundreds of dollars, reducing the amount of cash you have on hand. However, we make it as easy as possible for you to “sell your junk car for cash today near me.”

Sell your junk car in Dallas, Texas


Read what our clients say about us.

“I loved their service! They were extremely patient, and when they came to take my dad’s Ford away, they answered all his worries and questions without any problem. They also helped me with the service and received my cheque, which pleased me a lot. Gonna go invest in the latest model!”

“My trailer was in absolute shambles, and it was getting out of date and fashion. I had to finally say goodbye, despite getting emotional over losing her. I knew I had to finally give her up, so I contacted this company, and their workers showed up amiable and then towed it away the next day. I’m extremely satisfied with their business. 20/10.”

— Matt

— Oscar

“I am in love!! I couldn’t believe I owned an old antique car- I always thought my old granddad left me nothing but junk. It turns out it has a high price in the market, and employees at Advantage Auto Recyclers helped me realize it. I am utterly grateful.”

— Sam

“One of the greatest aspects about working with Advantage Auto Recyclers is how simple and consumer-friendly the whole process is. I called them, received top dollar for my junk car, which I thought was worthless, and they picked up my car within a week.”

— Rosa


Still have questions?

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